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Should I visit a dentist even if I don't have any problem?

Visiting you dentist every 6 months ensures that you will not be having any dental problems, or if any problem starts it can be intervened at its early stage. Waiting for the poblem to arise is not the best  thing to do, afterall "Prevention is Better than Cure".

How frequently should I visit dentist?

6 months is the recommended time for regular check up of your teeth. If you  have not been to a dentist for more than a year, you need to visit immediately.
Always aware your dentist of any medication or medical condition other than dental problems. e.g., Diabetes, Hypertension/ Blood Pressure, Thyroid problems,  Pregnancy, Blood Thinners,  or any kind of history of disease or surgery.

What to do for tooth pain?

In case of tooth pain please visit your dentist immediately. It is the only golden rule. Do not try to self medicate. Unlike fever, toothache cannot be resolved just by popping painkillers.  Give us a call, explain your condition and we will provide you the best treatment possible.  Remember, Google is not the solution for your dental problems, dentist is.

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